Why You Need a Realtor’s Help

When you are in the market for a new home or you want to sell yours, it’s absolutely critical that you hire a company like Joan Pletcher Realty. Yes, it is technically possible to buy or sell a home without a realtor’s assistance. But going it alone can be incredibly difficult, and sometimes impossible. So why is a realtor so vital if you want to buy or sell a home? Here are a few reasons you should know.

Why Realtors Matter

Do you have a job? Do you have a family? Do you have friends, hobbies, or interests? If you said no to all of those questions, then you probably have enough time to buy or sell a home on your own. Buying or selling a home is an incredibly time-consuming process, a process that most people can’t really manage in today’s busy world.

With a real estate agent, you will have the resources, time, and energy of someone who makes helping people find the right home their life goal. Realtors not only have the time necessary to find you the right home or get yours sold, but they also have the experience that will help you find or sell a home quicker than if you had to do it on your own. So even if you work 80 hours a week and have a large family, you won’t need to worry about finding time to market your home or hunt for your next dream home.

Realtors also know how to cater to special markets. If you live in an area that has special features or restrictions, you can find a realtor that focuses on your specific needs. A few examples include trying to buy or sell horse property, property with a swimming pool, large lots (of several acres or more), farmland, or even city condos. If you want to buy or sell a specialized property, you are going to need to find the right individuals and locations. A realtor who specializes in what you are looking for will be able to focus their efforts only where they will do the most good. So if you need to find a five acre home with facilities for a horse already in place, you can bet you will be able to find the right realtor for your specific needs.

Do you know what you want in a new home? Chances are, you don’t know exactly what you need. While you might have a general idea (an extra bedroom for your new baby), understanding everything you need isn’t easy. Realtors are trained to understand your specific needs, even if you don’t fully understand them yourself.

The next time you need to buy or sell a home, contact a company like Joan Pletcher Realty today. Using a realtor will make the process much easier, quicker, and more cost-effective. 

Finding Homes for Sale That Meet Your Needs

homes for sale in Jacksonville, NC

homes for sale in Jacksonville, NCIt’s fairly easy to find homes for sale in Jacksonville, NC. You drive around a little bit and you are bound to see a “For Sale” sign or two. The more difficult part is finding a home that actually meets your needs. You may think a home looks great from the outside, but does it actually have everything your family wants and needs? How do you know if a home is a great fit for you? Here are a few ways you can make sure that the home you end up buying actually gives you what you need.  (more…)

What’s Included in a Free Management Quote

Do you own rental properties? If so, how much time are you spending managing these properties? For many investors it can be a full-time job on top of their regular “day job.” Keeping up with these properties isn’t only exhausting, but it could lead to you neglecting other aspects of your life like family and friends. Thankfully, there are companies that can help you manage the aspects of renting out properties. Property management firms will usually offer a free management quote when you call for information, but make sure you know what that quote includes.

What Is a Property Management Firm?

Property management firms may define themselves in many different ways, but overall a property management firm is there to help you get the highest return on your investment. How is this achieved? First, a property management firm will evaluate the current market and help you decide on a fair and competitive asking price for your rental. This is based on what comparable properties are being rented for and how many people are looking for rentals in your general area.

Management firms will also work with you to help you market your rental property in the area. This could include calling real estate agents, creating ads both online and in print, and preparing your home for possible viewings. Of course, this is only a small sampling of what a management firm can do for you before you even have your first tenant. But, what happens when the tenant moves in?

What Are Tenant Services?

Tenant services refer to how a management company helps you after you have found a tenant for your rental property. This is actually the part of property management that can be the most draining for a person juggling multiple rental properties or struggling to maintain a full-time day job in the process. Tenant services may include the following:

  • Answering service calls and scheduling repairs
  • Collecting rent and administering collection calls for rents that are past due
  • Tenant screening (this is usually done before the move-in process, but can also be done when a tenant gives notice of vacating the apartment and a new tenant is desired)
  • Enforcing landlord rules such as no smoking, no pets, etc.
  • Administering legal remedies should conflicts arise

Do Firms Take Care of the Grounds?

When a person rents a home they usually expect the grounds to be taken care of by the landlord. This can be hard for a landlord that lives far from the property or works long hours making it difficult to get to the maintenance. Most property management firms will offer services such as landscaping, snow and leaf removal as well as trash removal. In some cases, these services are included. In other circumstances, you may be expected to pay extra for this service, which could be passed along to your tenants in their monthly rent.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because property management firms offer individual packages as well as al a carte services, it is best to contact a firm directly for a price quote. When obtaining a free management quote make sure that the offer is in writing to help you better understand exactly what you are paying for.

Vacation Rentals Will Give You a Luxurious Trip

Going on a vacation is a fun time for you to get away and escape life. When you go with your friends or family, you create many memories that you would not have if you did not go. Do you have a favorite vacation spot that you always go to or do you like going to a new place for each vacation? When you are planning a trip to Florida, you will find that there are many hotels to choose from and you will be paying a lot of money to stay in them. Vacation rentals in Englewood, Florida are a great way to avoid hotels, save money, and have an enjoyable vacation.

When you are planning your trip, the property that you stay at will make or break your trip. Choosing a vacation rental, you will see pictures and decide which rental will be the best for you. Do you want to rent an island home or would you rather be on the mainland? By choosing these specifics, you will be able to plan your vacation according to your location.

Choosing a vacation rental is a lot more convenient than choosing a hotel. You have the option of renting a house, duplex, condo, or triplex. Depending on how many people are going on vacation with you, you can choose a rental that will accommodate one person up to ten people. You can choose how many rooms you want your rental to have to help everyone have their own space. Unlike a hotel, you will still be with your family and friends to help create many memories. A vacation rental is ideal when you want a specific amount of room for your vacation.

When people plan trips, they try to save money where they can. When you get a vacation rental, you will soon find that you will save a lot more money than you would have if you went to a hotel. Vacation rentals in Englewood, Florida are cost effective and you will get a great quality home. With each rental being luxurious and exactly what you want, your vacation will be better than imagined. Once you have stayed at a rental, you will never go back to a hotel.


How to Minimize Disappointing Surprises when Buying Real Estate

There are many good reasons why some people do not like surprises. Not all of them turn out to be pleasant. Just ask all those consumers who ended up buying the wrong house, or found a lot of problems with their new property after the sale was completed. Responsible North Arlington real estate agents will protect their clients from disasters. They will warn them for mistakes, and point out concerns, such as those listed below.

1. Read All Paperwork

Home buyers need to read all the paperwork. That may not always be convenient because there are stacks and stacks to go through. Nevertheless, it is an absolute necessity. Missing a few details can be disastrous. For instance, if the seller suddenly changes the possession date, and forgets to mention it, the buyer may end up without a residence when arrangements were already made to vacate their current residence. They may end up spending a few weeks or months in an extended-stay hotel. Ask your Realtor for explanations if certain issues on the documents are unclear. An expert has all the answers, or can obtain them for you.

2. Take Your Time

If you buy a pair of shoes, and find out afterwards that they do not really fit, you can always return them. That is not the case when purchasing real estate property. Once the contract is signed, the house is yours until you sell it. To avoid such a mistake, spend ample time looking around before making an offer on a house. Visit a few times to ensure that you like the place just as much in the morning as in the evening. Check everything from natural light inside the house to noise levels outside during rush-hour traffic. Find out as much as you can about the neighborhood, shopping possibilities, and the local school system.

3. Hire an Excellent Home Inspector

Home inspections have changed quite a bit over the years. They are much more thorough now. The written reports give buyers a lot of valuable information. Some assessors will even forward their findings to customers over the Internet. They attach a document to an email, and include pictures of the defects and damages they found. Buyers should choose their home inspector with care. Those doing a thorough job can save you a lot of money.

4. Request a Market Analysis

The easiest way to avoid overpaying is to ask your North Arlington real estate agent for a market analysis. He or she will compare similar homes in the area in order to determine if the listing price is realistic. Knowing that you got a good deal will make you feel better about your investment. 

Ease up on Your Property Management Responsibilities

Real-estate agent showing plan to young home investors

Real-estate agent showing plan to young home investorsBecause you have been wise with your money you have been able to accumulate multiple income properties. It is nice to have a source of steady income, but it is getting to be too much of a responsibility to try to manage those properties along with your full-time job, family, and meager social life. You just can’t keep up with all of the responsibilities that you have, although you are very grateful for the responsibilities because it means you have rental income. You need the help of a company that specializes in rental property management in Mobile, AL. (more…)

How to Hit On a Girl at the Mall

The mall or any other shopping center rented out by Hi-Reit offers several opportunities. You can browse the stores for new clothes, munch on something yummy at the food court, and hang out with friends. It’s also a chance to branch out and meet new people. In fact, the mall is prime real estate for picking up on girls. Many teenage and college-aged girls tend to go on mall crawls during the weekends, so you should go at these times to “shop.” There is a certain art to getting a girl’s number, so be sure you follow these tips and suggestions.


A girl likes a guy who is neat and well-groomed. Even if your taste in clothing is eccentric, you can get away with it if you practice good hygiene and don’t come across as sloppy. So take a shower, brush your hair, clip your nails, and perhaps shave before you hit the mall. Don’t bathe yourself in cologne since that can put a girl off. A moderate amount of cologne or deodorant can allow you to smell fresh. Forgo baggy clothes and sweats. Put on something that you’re comfortable in and will help you feel confident about your appearance. Above all, remember you’re never fully dressed without a smile. While this may seem like cheesy advice, girls respond to guys who appear happy and self-assured. Besides, girls may find your smile cute.


Some guys think they need to come up with a mind-blowing opening line to get an in with a girl. Please, don’t resort to corny pickup lines, even if you think they’re clever. Saying, “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!” won’t get you very far. In fact, you’ll probably earn a weird stare from her. Girls like it when guys don’t try too hard but come across as sincere. A great opener may be a compliment. Notice the small, subtle things like her earrings or what music she listens to. This could be a conversation starter. The idea is to get her talking. Make eye contact as you chat and look her in the eye. Even if you’re nervous, try to be natural. This will put her at ease and the conversation should flow. If she’s a shy girl, demonstrate patience and a willingness to get to know her.

To move things further along, ask if she would like to go to the food court with you. Offer to buy her a soda or a pretzel. This will give you a chance to get her alone and break her away from her friends, who may serve as a distraction. Talk to the girl more one-on-one. Try to figure out what you have in common and if there’s a mutual attraction. You can tell she may seem interested if she makes eye contact and leans toward you. If she touches you, maybe to hit you playfully, that’s a good sign. Be sure you respond appropriately by subtly leaning into her and touching her, too. Before you leave the Hi-Reit shopping center, ask for her number if you think things went well. If she doesn’t appear interested, it may not be worth it to get her digits.


Helpful Hints for Finding Good Property Management

If you own properties and rent them out either as vacation rentals, student housing, or residential housing, you may not always have the time to do repairs, collect rent, interview possible renters, and do everything else involved with renting a property. This is what real estate management companies are for. But finding a company that offers reliable property management in Mobile, AL, can be a challenging chore. Use these guidelines to help you in your search.


Ask for Referrals

The best place to start your search for just about any type of local service is by asking around your neighborhood. If you know other people who rent their properties, ask them if they use a management company and if they would recommend them. You could also ask local real estate agents if they know of any good real estate property managers.


Call the BBB

Before you sign any paperwork or even make that first phone call to the management office, call the Better Business Bureau to find if the company is in good standing. They should have at least an A rating for you to even consider hiring them. Find out if they’ve ever had any official complaints filed against them or if they have any outstanding problems with current clients.

Keep in mind though that just because they may have had a complaint filed, it doesn’t mean they’re a bad company. Find out what the complaint was about and if it was settled in favor of the customer or the property management team.


Find out Which Services They Offer

Renting a property takes a lot of work. Being a landlord is very time consuming and you have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to for emergencies and repairs. There’s a load of other responsibilities too that you’d need your management company to take care of. 

  • Rent collection
  • Evictions
  • Interviewing prospective renters and collecting applications
  • Running credit checks and background checks on renters
  • Returning of security deposits
  • Grounds keeping
  • Emergency maintenance services
  • Regular property inspections
You want to make sure they offer all these services so you don’t have to do all the work yourself. You’re going to pay them good money to manage your property, so make sure they’re willing to earn it. Following these guidelines and doing some legwork will definitely help make sure that you hire the best team for property management in Mobile, AL.

Need Help Finding a Real Estate Agent to Sell Property?

All homeowners have a unique reason for selling their house. If you are one of them, maybe you need help with this assignment. You should consider hiring a professional who is familiar with real estate in Vacaville. These experts understand the housing market. They can calculate a realistic listing price, and have access to the best advertising resources for this industry. Are you a tad worried about finding such a competent agent? Here are several helpful suggestions to get your search started.

1. Ask Acquaintances

California has a huge amount of homeowners. You probably know some that sold a house recently, and moved into another one. Ask these folks which local real estate agent they used to sell their old property. Were they pleased with the transaction and the services they received? If so, what made this professional stand out from his or her competitors? Do not be shy to request recommendations. Most people are glad when they can help someone.

2. Traditional Publications

Realtors maintain memberships to the Yellow Pages, because there are still citizens out there who use printed resources. Phone books are delivered to every residence, which means that you probably also have one hidden in a drawer somewhere. Check the pages dedicated to real estate agents to collect candidates. Read the provided information to select at a few firms. By the time you start an in-depth study, you should have at least 3 reputable companies on your list.

3. Explore the Internet

Forget about dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers, and other resources that once were popular. Consumers now rely on the Internet for information. That includes finding an excellent real estate agent. Keen professionals maintain a website, and also sign up with online business directories. Complete a targeted search for those sites. 

4. Social Media Sites

With the invention and application of electronics by the general public, more and more people rely on their devices to communicate with friends, coworkers, and relatives. They use computers, phones, and other gadget with Internet access to send messages. If you like this way of staying in touch, use your devices to ask everyone you are in touch with in this way for referrals. It is amazing how helpful a request on Facebook or a tweet can be.

5. Local Exploration Trips

Take a drive through your neighborhood. Locate “for sale” signs. Keep track of the listing agents you see. Those that return often are probably very successful. Because they can achieve their clients’ goals, they are in high demand. These agents selling real estate in Vacaville have an outstanding reputation in your community, and are worth considering.

Four Ways to Make Staging Homes for Sale Easier

One of the ways real estate sellers in California can impress buyers is by staging their home like a professional. Why is it important to make a house look as if it could be on the front cover of a magazine? It is a surefire way to beat all other homes for sale in Vacaville. Are you interested in learning more? Here are 4 simple tips that can give you a basis to build on.

1. Trash Is Your Enemy

Cleanliness is one thing that certainly impresses potential buyers. Although some of them probably live like slobs, they do not like to see messes when visiting houses that are up for sale. Throw out everything that is broken. Rent a big metal garbage container if there is a lot of junk. Your house will look nicer, and you will have a lot less to pack when it is time to move. Organize a lawn or garage sale to sell items still in good condition or donate them to your favorite charity. They also organize rummage sales occasionally to raise funds.

2. Less Is More

Although this saying sounds controversial, it is very true and effective in the real estate business. Buyers want to be able to envision their furniture and decorations in your home. That is impossible when their vision is clouded by overcrowded rooms. Therefore, remove all unnecessary furnishings and accents. Keep it as simple as possible. By doing this, you also create comfortable walkways. Visitors can move more freely throughout your living environment.

3. Pay Attention to the Outdoors

What was the first thing you saw when you were interested in your current residence? Indeed! The driveway, front lawn, garage, and other outdoor features made an impression on you. Curb appeal is one of those elements many sellers forget about, because they are so focused on sprucing up their indoor living environment. What they forget is that first impressions start before potential buyers walk through the front door.

4. Let Paint Work Its Magic

It is amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make. Start early, so the entire house sparkles by the time your listing hits the market. Although home decorating magazines often display images of unusual interiors, keep in mind that they are not the norm. Most people prefer neutral shades, and that is what you should select if you are aiming for a quick, profitable sale. If you want to do it right, and do not know much about today’s trends, simply ask your Realtor. Dealing with homes for sale in Vacaville every day, the expert knows exactly what is currently in demand.